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How Family Businesses Can More Effectively Leverage Their Personal And Professional Networks

The biggest concern among family members who are C-level executives at their family business is profitably growing the company. There are numerous ways they can be more successful and effective networking

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The Importance Of Family Values In The Family Businesses

The values of the family are often instrumental in creating a strong sense of identity for family businesses. These values are regularly foundational to running family firms. In an international survey

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When Small Accounting Firms Team Up With Other Accounting Firms

The business environment for small accounting firms (five or fewer equity partners; maximum of $10 million in annual revenues) is difficult. In fact, in a survey of 301 managing partners of small accounting

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Most Family Business Owners Should Update Their Estate Plans

Family businesses are responsible for more than 70% of global production and are one of the principal creators of private wealth. Often critical to the continuity of the family business and to the perpetuation—

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Transitioning Billionaire Family Businesses

The success of family businesses is critical to the success of the worldwide financial ecosystem. A key challenge for many family businesses is succession and, if not succession, the sale of the company. Over

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The Four Biggest Concerns At Middle-Market Family Businesses

“Based on a study of 336 middle-market family firms, four critical, often interrelated, concerns were identified. About three quarters of family member senior executive at their family businesses said

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