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Dan is currently an accounting professor at Montclair State University and has also taught at Penn State University. He is familiar with the financial, academic and social issues facing both institutions of higher education and their students. This includes, but not limited to behavior issues of students, examinations, campus protests, free speech issues, professors influencing students.


Dan is a highly respected member of the accounting profession. He has been a certified public accountant in the state of New Jersey since 1991. He has a diverse background in all areas of tax, accounting and auditing. He has served on the board of trustees of the NJ State Society of CPA’s and is a current member of the NJ State Board of Accountancy (including being past president).


Dan successfully served on the board of directors of two commercial banks over a fifteen year period. He has hands-on knowledge of all aspects of the banking industry, including regulations and financial reporting.

Cyber Security

Because of Dan’s experience of working with companies of all sizes, he has extensively addressed the issues of cyber security. He has specifically dealt with foreign hackers and their nefarious tactics to gain access to confidential information. Dan has interacted directly with forensic teams and attorneys that specialize exclusively in this area and thus has expansive knowledge in cyber security.


Because of Dan’s stellar reputation in his profession, he is sought out by many attorneys to help in the representation of their clients in divorce matters. He has extensive experience with the financial and tax issues facing those in divorce. He has helped spouses plan for and execute divorces to their financial future as well as post-divorce financial strategies.

Economic News/Forecasts

Dan has been amazingly accurate in both analyzing economic news as well as forecasting the future of the economy during a very uncertain period of time. His predictions are also entertaining in addition to their accuracy.

Family Office

Dan is the director of the family office practice of his highly successful accounting firm, Geltrude & Company. Family office services is primarily focused on ultra-wealthy individuals and their families. Dan implements highly complex tax and business strategies as well as advanced planning techniques

Financial Expert

There are few financial experts in the country that can match Dan’s diverse experience and education. From the classroom to Wall Street to Main Street, Dan’s communication skills connect people all walks of life. Students, the wealthy, the average American all seek his layman’s explanations of complex financial matters.

Financial Fraud

White collar crime, tax and insurance fraud, financial reporting malfeasance are all areas that Dan has background in through forensic investigations. Dan applies viewers and listeners with an insightful analysis that breaks down these schemes so that they are easily understood.

Forensic Accounting

Dan’s personality and financial background make him an outstanding forensic accountant. He is able to speak about his various experiences with white collar crime cases. His insight on criminal matters related to tax, accounting and insurance fraud is both extensive and invaluable.

Healthcare (Obamacare/Trumpcare)

Dan is a licensed producer in the State of New Jersey for life, health and disability insurance. When you consider he is also a CPA, he adds a very unique perspective to any discussion about insurance.

Human Resources

With over 25 years of managing people and a Masters Degree in Human Resources from Penn State, Dan has extensive knowledge of employer/employee issues in the workplace. This includes employee behavioral issues, data breaches and cyber security.


Dan does not take political sides in most instances. However, he does discuss politics as it pertains to financial/economic issues. In addition, he is unafraid to provide his opinions regardless of potential political fallout.

Retirement Planning

Dan understands that everyone’s end-game is to ultimately be able to retire comfortably from a financial standpoint. Dan provides retirement planning strategies for both the young and old. He breaks down how to use accumulated savings and other assets along with social security to sustain a retirement lifestyle.

Taxes and Tax Legislation

As a CPA with a Masters Degree in Taxation, Dan has over 30 years of experience in all areas of taxation. He is very familiar with the current tax code and is on the cutting edge of tax planning concepts and new tax legislation.

Terror Financing

Because of his extensive experience in forensic accounting and auditing, Dan has worked with Senior Naval Intelligence Officer for the FBI National Joint Terrorism Task Force Steven L. Rogers in dissecting terrorist techniques in financing attacks.

Wall Street/Stock Market

Dan is a student of Wall Street and the stock market. In addition to his many financial credentials, Dan passed the Series 7 exam (although his license is no longer active).

Wealth Management

Whether it be for the ultra-wealthy or middle class America, Dan provide wealth consulting based upon his diverse background and understanding of investment strategies.

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